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How To Add Colour to your Home!

Our first step to finding design inspiration is Pinterest. And with good reason. After all, as almost everyone can attest. It has never failed us!

(You can skip the origin story if you so like! scroll down to the first big yellow text!)

So I searched for interior inspiration on Pinterest. The resulting images were absolutely gorgeous. But there was something wrong. Can you guess? (Well the title is a giveaway but this is blogging. questions, even obvious ones build a little drama!)

Interior Design Inspiration ideas from pinterest, Minimal, eco friendly, rustic, boho, contemporary home decor ideas
Interior Inspiration On Pinterest

Yep. White, beige, tan. Neutrals.

So I searched for Colourful Interior Inspiration. That would surely be it! Right?

Colourful, eclectic home designs - Bright home design ideas - pinterest inspitation
Colourful Interior Ideas On Pinterest

Well, not quite. Pinterest algorithm seems to think colourful and eclectic are the same thing.

But I know these search results were American and British in origin. So I did a third search to see what us Indians had in mind.

Colourful home interior design inspiration ideas on pinterest
Indian Home Design Inspiration on Pinterest

Any designer can attest to the fact that us Indians love our wood. Solid or ply is not of major concern. A dip test into the preferences of Indian consumers revealed that the 4 southern states, the 7 northeastern states and parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan will use solid wood wherever and whenever the pocket allows. The rest of the country leans more towards ply, surface treated with veneer, or laminate (on a shoestring budget).

But in spite of that colourful decorating ideas are our forte. While Indian homes are dominated with wood, they are not devoid of colour. And the above image is a testament to the same. We are not a breed to shy away from loud, often boisterously painted walls and bright soft furnishings.

But it's not a huge step away from eclecticism. In fact, it seems to veer more towards it. So I decided to decode and curate a few easy ways to add colour to our homes and brighten up our living spaces without losing the elegance of minimalism and modernism that we so desire!

Now creating colourful living spaces does not have to be a long term commitment or a heavy investment. And colourful designs doesn't have to be overpowering or overwhelming. It has two main aspects. How to make a room colourful - answered here - and how to select the colours for the home.

So, let's get to it. How can you make your room more colourful without making it ostentatious or overpowering? (Stick till the end for a little extra secret!)

Soft Furnishings -

This is the easiest and cheapest way to make your room colourful. Cushions, throw blankets, table runners, rugs, tapestries or other wall hanging and so much more! Cushions and throw pillows can help you add colour, texture and warmth to the room. That's three for the price of one. The best part is that they are not a huge commitment, open to experimentation, and provide an opportunity for a few fun activities!


Accessorizing -

Another easy addition to the home-scape is accessories. And anything can be an accessory for display if you're adventurous enough. Without having to think too much they add colour, and form to the room. They act as little snippets into the interesting lives that the residents of the home lead! And what better way for you globe-trotters to keep mementoes at hand! Gifts, DIYs, Souvenirs from trips, books, vases, and the odd interestingly-shaped glass bottle (can ya tell I'm obsessed, can ya?); there's really no limit to what you can do!

But then again, one thing is adding colour with accessories, and the other is balancing colour. If you already have a wonderful little wall painted in your accent colour of choice, don't go colour crazy, use whites. and tans to add a semblance of balance to the interior landscape.


Wall Displays -

Artwork on the walls might seem like an optional thing when it comes to doing up your home. But it is vital in more ways than one. It not only adds colour and character to the room but more importantly, it pulls the eye up, away from the floor, making the room appear fuller. The fact that it ties the room together is no small cherry on the cake!

But selecting said artwork needs a little bit of learning and a whole lot of confidence! There are so many different ways in which you can put it all together.


Surface-Treated Accent Walls -

As you might have figured by now, the commitment and expenses are increasing with each idea. So take it as you can!

A surefire way to add some colour is painting one surface, wall or ceiling, a different colour from the rest. They provide a cohesive backdrop for the rest of the room and act as the primary colour around which you can select the secondary and tertiary colours for the room or the home. Now when it comes to accent walls(ceilings), there are many ways to bring in some life that add both colour and/or texture to the mix!


Colourful Furniture -

And finally, here we are! Painted cabinets, colourful laminates and upholstered headboards, sofas, and accent chairs. Coloured furniture adds a certain flair and created a focal point. in addition it also acts as a backdrop against which all of the above can be achieved!


This brings me to the end of the article! I hope you haven't forgotten about the little extra secret I promised I would share! here it is!

Mistakes are unavoidable. this is an extremely subjective field, and what works for you will not work for others. The first and foremost thing is to be confident in your choices. It does not matter if your sister, or aunt, or any other guest (visitor) doesn't like what you've done. If you are completely 100% happy with your choice, then trust me, it's the best one for you!

Having said that, there are a few things you can do to garner additional brownie points from people whose opinion matters to you.

Firstly, Repetition.

One navy wall in the passageway does not a colourful house make. take the element you have chosen; Colour, Texture, Shape, and repeat it strategically throughout the house. A navy cushion cover here, a vase there, the dinnerware on display and the flowers in a vase. Tie the house together by repeating the said element.

Secondly, Reflection.

If you're worried about overdoing the colour frenzy, or if you feel frozen with the choices available, a simple way to overcome that would be to add Mirrors. They will reflect light and colour and make the room appear large, bright and alive!

Thirdly, Have your little secrets!

One of my favourite things to do is to add a little splash of colour here and there, but invisible to the lay viewer! Line the inside of the drawers and/or cabinets with a bright wallpaper or decal. Or simply paint it, there when you need it, and vanished when you don't!

I hope this helps you make your home more colourful and comfortable!

Send in your pictures of a transformed home on the InstaDM!

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