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Colour and Interior Design

When it comes to painting our house, at some point or another, we’ve all been there.

We find a quiet, calming, and relaxing environment. On a day we think our judgment is best. Or when there’s no more time left (if you’re a procrastinator like me).

Sitting with someone whose opinion has rarely failed us. Pouring over the fan deck we borrowed from the paint vendor who promised us the best quality job at the cheapest cost. Trying, and often, failing to tell the difference between Raw Cotton and Snowfall. (Unless you have a great eye for colour!)

At the end of what we thought will be a productive session of decision-making, we simply put it all down and go with either our first decision or what was suggested. We’ll ask the opinion of a few other people. Finally, ask the guy to paint on what we’d like in the first five minutes of going through the paint chips.

A while later, when the paint’s done and dried, we’re wondering if the other one would have looked better. Marketing has a very common phrase for it. Buyer’s Remorse.

But why is it such a common experience? Why is selecting the colour of a room often more stressful than the furniture selection?

Its because colour is way more important than we can fathom. In fact, there are published research papers on the impact of colour on the human psyche.

When I was in my previous employ, I'd written a quasi-detailed article on the psychology of colours in interior design.

The article spoke about how colour affects not only what the room looks like, but also how it affects our moods. It also mentioned a couple of factors to be considered while selecting the colours for a room. We'll do a deep-dive on how to select a colour for your walls in a future article.

But before that let's understand why colours are important. Take a careful look at the gallery below.


These would feature well on our Pinterest home inspiration boards. Even the last two. but try to imagine them without the green and brown of the plant or the red of the girl's T-shirt.

Great to look at but not something we could live in, right?

We need colours to add flair, pizzazz, drama and character to our rooms.

And while I'm trying to convince you guys that colour is needed, I don't think any of you thought otherwise!

But there are different ways to add colour into a room. And different rooms need different energies.


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