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  • When should we enlist the services of a designer?
    The earlier you find a designer the better. In the construction phase of your home, hiring and planning the house out with your designer is the best idea as any changes to the cookie cutter plan you would like to make, can be incorporated without the change becoming expensive. In case of re-doing your room, or your home. You will be able to get a clearer direction as you plan your renovation. Bringing a designer half way through the renovation process makes it difficult because you have already made a significant investment and the designer might have different ideas which take a different direction to reach realization.
  • What is the difference between an interior designer and a decorator?
    Typically, interior designers are trained and liscenced professionals, whole decorators are trained professionals who are not liscenced by any regulatory body, The regulations change from country to country and state to state, so someone who is a designer in one country might legally call themselves a decorator in another. The regulatory body in Canada and the United States is NCIDQ. Additionally, Canada also required ARIDO liscencing for interior designers.
  • How do you work with existing contractors in virtual design?
    I keep in tough with the contractors over call and/or in person. I request for previous drawings which the contractor has worked with at times when there are difficulties in understanding. That way I can ensure that what I draw is constructed.
  • Do you always co-ordinate with on site contractors?
    As the final output of our services, we provide detailed sections, material and finish details, shopping lists, 3D renders and any other document needed for clarity of understanding. We co-ordinate with the contractors, only when the client requests it; for an additional cost.
  • How do I start a project with you?
    There are a few ways to do this. If you are looking for consulting, or partial design services; you can visit the Virtual Design Services page, select the services you are interested in, and fill the contact details at the bottom of that page. We will review the message and get in touch with you to move forward. If you live in the Greater Toronto Area, you can contact us on +1 609 450 9680, and we can take it from there.
  • How long will you take to finish my project?
    The time it takes to complete a project differs based on the scope of your project. While for basic 2D and 3D services we will take anywhere from two to four weeks, a complete end to end project will take a lot longer, the general rule of thumb being 8 months to a year.
  • Can you keep my current furniture in the design?
    Yes of course! The designs we make are a reflection of who you are. We can incorporate the existing furniture as it is or suggest modifications and changes to the extent you see fit.
  • Do you charge for a consultation?
    We understand that fixing a designer is a hard task, to make sure that the designer can deliver on your dreams is less about their capabilities and more about the wavelengths matching. So we are offering the first virtual 1.5 hour consult for free. You can get in touch with us through the 'book an appointment' button at the very bottom of the page. We will get in touch with you with a meeting link. You can take this time to pick our brain on design ideas, understanding our methodology and taste, matching design tasts and asking practically any question under the Sun!
  • My budget is rather limited. How will you give me the best in that?
    Any design is good if it can be modified to match any budgetary constraints. In case of a limited budget, we can find solutions and cheats to make your home a reflection of you without breaking the bank.
  • How can I be sure that I will like your design?
    Any designers work is a reflection of who they are, and the practice they have done over the years. Looking through their portfolio will give you an idea of their design style and choices. Every designer has a nice which will seep into the work they do. So if you like what you see in their portfolio and can see yourself living in the photographs of their previous work; chances are you will love what they do for you.
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