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Guide to Edison Bulbs

Edison bulbs are the most famous. We know them by different names, Tungsten, Filament, or, if you're anything like my husband, 'old-timey'. They are a brilliant way to add a little old-world charm to your space: or industrial, depending on which way you lean.

I love using them for my projects, to create an industrial look, for exposed fixtures/ sources of illumination, and to create mood lighting in bars and restaurants. In spite of this love, staying true to the original is expensive and impractical.

While Einstien bulbs are traditionally incandescent, I prefer the LED version of them for a variety of reasons.

The advantage that LEDs have over Incandescent Edison bulbs is that they

  • Remain cool to the touch after use

  • Sturdy and long-lasting

  • Dimmable

  • Economic consumption of power

  • Give the same effect

  • Higher illumination at a lower power consumption


With LED bulbs, finding different shapes and lumens is a breeze. Here are a few of my favorites.

Dimmable Vintage LEDs in a 6 pack. They come in three color temperature options; 2700K which is warm or soft white. 4000K which is cool white. and 5000k which is daylight white

Dimmable Amber in the same shape as above for a more retro look. The advantage is that they look authentic to the era when they are switched off. If you are placing them in areas with heavy traffic during the day and night like bars and restaurants or dining rooms, these will work well.

The LEDs are available in different shapes of the Edison bulb as well as the filament within. Here is one I prefer for a more transitional design in a modern industrial placement. I feel these go particularly well with the IKEA SOLKLINT. These are dimmable Globe LED Edison bulbs. These are available in the E26 base as well as the E12 base, for their 2700K, 4000K and 5000K options.

These longer dimmable LEDs are useful when you are looking to elongate the look of the fixture you are using. You can find them in an E 26 base as well as E 12. They have 3 color temperature options; modern clear glass as well as rustic amber glass.

I hope this helps you select the perfect accent lighting for your home!

Disclaimer: the links in this article are affiliate links to amazon. If you make a purchase here, I will make a few cents for giving you the recommendation. This does not affect your buying price in any way


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