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Simple Stamped DIY Wall Painting

If you've ever wanted a foolproof DIY wall painting, Look no further!

A couple of years ago, under much more favourable circumstances, I had a couple of months off work and life in general. 

This was a DIY wall painting I made one day on a whim. It's kinda been troublesome ever since. I simply couldn't find a place I like for it. I was in no mood to frame it. But I didn't have the foresight to make it on stretched canvas back then (and I'm glad I didn't. I'll tell you why in a bit!). And so it was gathering dust under piles of spare paper. 

I finally pulled it out yesterday and put it up. 

And boy am I glad I did.

This is an extremely simple and inexpensive way to do up your home and bring in a pop of colour! 

It's a renters world today. And while us millennials aren't investing in real estate, it shouldn't stop us from living that perfectly done home life (so long as we don't get to demolishing!)

But most home decorators who are doing it themselves tend to miss out on the corners of a home. And the easiest solution often is to plop down a plant or a chair and call it a day! But corners are one of my favourite places.

TBH, I feel quite like a cat in a box, if it fits, I sits!

Apart from my bed and the blanket they come a close second to providing the comfort of being enveloped in safety. Yeah, I have issues! ;)

But let's get started with one element that you can use in your corners!

So let's get to it! All you'll need is,

  • Chart paper (yep, don't canvas it unless you have time to layer the paint)

  • Acrylic Paints (I went with clue and white for this)

  • A large brush

  • A stamp

  • An X-Acto knife

Painting the acrylic onto a chart paper removed hours of waiting I would have otherwise had to do. It layered unevenly onto the chart paper and added depth and dimension.

I mean, look at this beaut!

Self Textured Electric Blue Backdrop with Potato Stamp Shaped
Textured Acrylic Paint on Chart paper

Find a material you would like to use as a stamp and carve your simple shape of choice. (for me it was a potato in this one, and a sponge in the other)

Dip it into the contrasting colour of your choice and stamp away. I enjoyed the broken distressed look that came after a couple of stamps on the paper and so I refrained from replenishing the stamp with more paint regularly.

To be honest I quite like the end result of the piece! And yes, I like it without a frame. 

I'll try to come up with a better mounting solution for you guys. Currently, it's simply taped to my wall!

Until then



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