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Stunning DIY Budget Accent Walls Ideas

Accent walls give off the picture of a brightly painted wall in a room with the other three plain. The concept of accent walls has come a long way since then and is a useful tool in making the most of decorating your space. Accent walls help you pull the room together.

They are quite versatile. They lend balance to an unbalanced room; aid in toning down or brightening it up; they create a focal point, add an element of interest and so much more.

And accent walls aren't even that expensive to make at home. You can DIY them with ease! Look at what Gharonda on Instagram has done to know exactly how easy creating an accent wall is!!

There are multiple ways you can easily create accent walls in your space! Read through below and check out the stunning inspiration photos sourced from Pinterest!

The easiest way to create accent walls is to simply buy a design and stick it on the wall. Wallpapers, Decals are simple and popular ways to achieve a beautiful look for the room. While wallpapers area gamble only limited to the design, Decals walk a fine line between looking unique, interesting, well designed; and childish!

Stencils and Stamps are another easy DIY accent wall hack. These involve a fair bit of painting. Stencils are widely available in department stored across the US and Canada, in fact custom made stencils are all the rage for those who own cricut machines and CNCs. Stamps can be made from anything ranging from wood to vegetables. With these, Sky is the limit!

Graduating to the next level of time, effort and budget, is paint. Panting the walls, plain, with designs, or with different techniques to achieve the ombre, or paining a landscape on the wall Painting is the most common go to for a quick easy refresh of the rooms and the walls! But painting the entire wall is not your only choice! You can paint with the aforementioned stamps, with your fingers, make it a fun activity with your kid!

You can take the difficulty up another level by adding dimension to the accent wall you are creating with the help of textures or supplies readily available in the hardware store like dowels, 2x4s, shiplap, slats, and even trim. Creating a design with these and then painting it is the most common image you'll see when you search accent walls on pinterest. And with good reason! They look amazing!

And if you don't want to make any changes to the wall it self, you can embellish the surface, with tapestries, large canvases, and even vertical gardens!


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